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"PANAS" breadboard with tray breadboard made of bamboo-removable 15.1 in x 9.7 in
"PANAS" breadboard with tray breadboard made of bamboo-removable 15.1 in x 9.7 in
Our Price: $146.80

This durable PANAS bamboo cutting board with a stainless steel tray provides space for heavy duty veggie chopping, slicing fruits, cutting bread and the stainless steel tray is perfect for serving in style. This uniquely designed cutting board and tray will make you cutting edge. The name Zack has stood for innovation and exclusivity for decades. Zack's success over recent years shows how accurately the company addresses the wishes and expectations of its customers. The design of each article appears quite natural and logical, yet it is clear that the reduction to a few essential forms and materials requires extremely high quality standards. Every detail needs to be thought through to its core. And it is precisely this stylish exclusivity which embodies the ZACK brand. For every occasion, for every mood, for every individual area, you will find timeless design articles among the roughly 400 products in first-class workmanship and with a balanced price-performance ratio. With around 80 newly developed products every year, ZACK is constantly setting trends. You should not be satisfied with anything less. Go for the original! Follow your style. An expression of lifestyle and quality of life. Top of the line German engineering is hidden in every product. more info

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